React JS

React is open-source JavaScript library and developed mostly by Facebook with contributions from other major tech companies for building user interfaces (UI). It promotes component–oriented development which leads to better isolation of code and styles, and simplifies code reuse. Further, it implements a one-way reactive data flow that makes it easier to understand and use than other frameworks.

Being the V in Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, React is used when you want a powerful view layer but don’t need an elaborate framework for the rest of your application.

Our Proposition

  • React.JS Consulting / Implementation
  • Custom Applications & Integration
  • Bespoke Application / Product Development using React and other JavaScript technologies like Angular, ember or Backbone
  • Expert React.JS developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer-Centric Engagement Model
  • Flexible Hiring Model (Full time / Part time, At customer place / work from home / offshore)
  • Testers and User Interface (UI) experts for all kind of web applications

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