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We have extensive experience working in USA, UK, IE, SG, HK, Fr, DE, Aus & NZ.

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We offer flexible pricing modals based on our customers business need.

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About Us

Established in 2004, EA Technologies has evolved into a trusted global technology partner, leveraging IT as a strategic asset for businesses. Backed by expertise and dedication, we’ve excelled across diverse technologies and industries, collaborating with industry leaders. With an agile and adaptable approach, our round-the-clock teams ensure success through a robust global delivery network. Our Noida, India-based center embodies simplicity, focusing on scalable, agile, and customer-centric solutions.

Our Commitment to You

At EA Technologies, we assure you of dependable, scalable, and top-tier services and solutions tailored to your business requirements. With a focus on nurturing enduring partnerships, we provide exceptional services that propel our clients’ and partners’ achievements.

Source Code and Intellectual Property Ownership

Our entirely adaptable software solutions are devoid of post-project licensing fees. With our agreement, you attain full ownership of the source code and intellectual property for your exclusive software.

Seamless Real-Time Collaboration

Our application developers synchronize with your time zone, fostering real-time collaboration akin to an on-site presence. This ensures accessibility throughout your business hours, promoting efficient communication and engagement.


Crafting remarkable achievements daily relies on dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds who find genuine joy at work. We select top talents, ensuring an environment of excellence, respect, and cultural diversity.

Efficient Scalability and Dedicated Support

Aligned with your software development goals, we tailor our approach to maximize value and expedite returns on investment. Our strategy involves dedicated teams and well-defined tactics to ensure project success.


Team Of Experts

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.
Neeraj Ahuja
Neeraj Ahuja
Chief Customer Success
Praveen Bhatia
Praveen Bhatia
Chief Operating Officer
Pravesh Rai
Pravesh Rai
Assistant Vice President - Engineering

Why Choose EA Technologies?

EA Technologies is in IT Services business since 2004. Today we’re a proud team of IT engineers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves, solving your IT problems, and meeting your business needs.
If you wonder why you should choose us to build your infrastructure, support your people and systems, as well as advise you on projects that will reduce your risk, enhance your productivity and give you a real competitive edge, here are 4 reasons:


Global Experience

We have a solid track record of successfully delivering IT projects from startups, medium and large enterprises all over the world.


Customer Service

Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service ensures that every client’s satisfaction is our top priority.



Our reliable, dedicated, and seasoned engineers are committed to going above and beyond to resolve your IT challenges.



We are committed to providing exceptional cutting-edge IT solutions that bring tangible value to your business.

Perfect IT Support

We Are Here To Help You

Describing the essence of EA Technologies goes beyond mere words. We are driven solely by the pursuit of excellence. Our foundation is built on unwavering high standards, with no room for compromise. Whether it’s assisting customers and on-boarding them, navigating the intricate development journey, or delivering the final product, these principles define our identity.

Who We Are
We comprise a group of adept tech enthusiasts who excel in our respective roles. Our passion lies in collaborating with individuals and businesses, working in tandem to guide them towards achieving remarkable success.
What We Do
Our primary focus revolves around consistently refining our skills and harnessing our full potential to benefit our clients. We specialize in crafting tailored and practical solutions practical solution for our valued costumers.
Why We Do It
Every one of us possesses a genuine passion for our work, and we believe this enthusiasm influences the caliber of our output. Collaborating with clients who share this same fervor creates an exceptional partnership.
Our Essence

Improve Efficiency & Provide Better Experience By Our IT Solutions!

At EA Technologies, our existence is defined by these core principles:

Be Authentic:

Transparency and commitment are our values. We deliver on our promises.

Be Vulnerable:

We openly admit when we lack answers. However, we are committed to finding solutions and delivering results.

Be a Guru:

We assist clients’ growth by providing direction and building expert solutions.

Be Responsible:

We’re diligent and detail-oriented, taking ownership of our outcomes.

Be Long-Term:

Our loyalty lies in our clients’ success. We prioritize what’s right for them and their clients.


Establishing enduring partnerships holds significant importance. With trust as the cornerstone, we cultivate a collaborative and inventive environment alongside our clients. Within this sphere, we craft solutions tailored to their needs, bringing fulfillment to both parties as technology enthusiasts.

Software Development Methodologies

Preparing for your success, we provide truly prominent IT solutions.

Software development methodologies are structured approaches to planning, designing, building, testing, and delivering software products. These methodologies provide guidelines, processes, and best practices to manage the development life-cycle efficiently. Explore the types of approaches EA Technologies employs as software development methodology:

Waterfall Model

The Waterfall model is a well-structure and sequential methodology. Each stage (requirements, design, implementation, testing, deployment) is concluded before progressing to the subsequent one. This approach is well suited for projects characterized by clearly outlined requirements and very limited modifications.


DevOps is a methodology that fosters collaboration between Development and Operations teams, harmonizing their efforts to enhance software development and delivery processes. EA Technologies places significant emphasis on implementing DevOps practices, recognizing the immense value it brings to modern software development.

Agile Methodology

Regarded as one of the most widely embraced and favored options in software development, Agile methodology is an iterative approach that harmonizes with evolving business demands. Its emphasis is on collaboration and open communication among cross-functional teams throughout every phase of the SDLC.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

At the heart of RAD lies the swift generation of prototypes, subsequently honed through iterative enhancements informed by user feedback. This approach is especially adept at accommodating projects constrained by tight schedules and dynamically changing prerequisites.


Scrum is an Agile framework, it highlights the significance of collaboration, accountability, and incremental advancement. Scrum is led by Scrum Master taking on all responsibilities like task prioritization, planning etc. Scrum teams convene frequent meetings for planning, review, and necessary adjustments to the work at hand.