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Our custom software development empowers Financial Services to transform holistically, building agile, scalable solutions without cost overheads.

Mandatory Provident Fund

The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme, obligatory for retirement provisions in Hong Kong,  EA Technologies develop an online self-service platform. Leveraging internet and mobile accessibility, this innovative solution consolidates MPF accounts, empowering individuals to secure their financial future effortlessly.

Digital Payment

We design and build secure, user-friendly, QR-code-driven payment solutions for a UK-based company, benefiting businesses and sole traders seeking secure, streamlined, and cost-effective payment processes. This advancement offers time and money savings compared to conventional systems, with transparent pricing. With a focus on enhancing user experiences and enabling financial empowerment, our fintech applications harness the power of technology to transform the way individuals and businesses manage their finances.

Custom Fintech Application Development

Our Fintech custom application development service focuses on creating tailored solutions for the financial sector. We design and build applications that cater to specific needs, whether it’s online banking, payment processing, investment management, or other financial services. Collaborating closely with clients, we ensure that the application aligns with their business goals and user requirements. With our expertise, we deliver secure, user-friendly, and innovative applications that enhance financial experiences and drive business growth in the digital age.

Online Trading platform

EA Technologies is actively involved in crafting bespoke online trading solutions for the financial sector. These solutions are designed to offer users an exceptional experience and are built using cutting-edge technologies. They provide real-time market data and seamless trading execution across desktops, iOS, and Android devices.

Non-Fungible Token Solutions

Our Non-Fungible Token (NFT) development service involves creating unique digital assets that are indivisible and irreplaceable. We enable the creation, minting, and management of NFTs on blockchain platforms, ensuring secure ownership, provenance tracking, and enabling unique digital experiences. With our expertise, we empower individuals and businesses to tokenize digital art, collectibles, virtual real estate, and more, leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Fintech Dashboards and Analytics

Our Fintech Dashboards and Analytics development service is dedicated to creating powerful tools that offer real-time insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities for financial institutions. We design and build intuitive dashboards that consolidate complex financial data into visually compelling representations, enabling easy monitoring of KPI, risk assessment, customer trends, and market behaviour. Our analytics solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies to transform raw data into actionable insights, empowering client to make informed strategic decisions.

Modernization to Digital Platforms

EA Technologies skillfully modernized the legacy MPF investment system, retaining backend logic. This commenced with persona creation, user journey mapping, and crafting a contemporary, user-focused UX/UI. The objective: streamline investment management across diverse platforms and devices.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Our blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions encompass a range of offerings aimed at harnessing the potential of blockchain technology. We create tailored solutions, including cryptocurrency development, smart contract implementation, tokenization, and decentralized applications (DApps). Our expertise ensures secure, transparent, and innovative solutions that align with your specific business needs in the rapidly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape.

Refinance Loan Solution

Our Refinance Loan Solution development service is designed to simplify the loan refinancing process for borrowers. We create user-friendly platforms that allow borrowers to explore refinancing options, calculate potential savings, and seamlessly initiate the refinancing process. Our solution streamlines documentation submission, credit checks, and approval processes, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With our expertise, we empower borrowers to make informed decisions and secure better loan terms, all while enhancing lenders’ operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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Development of an online platform for managing Mandatory Provident Funds (MPF) for new customer acquisition


This case study showcases how EA Technologies helped an Asia-based company that provides Mandatory Provident Funds (MPF) to build online platform to manage investment funds

hfacilitated the transformation of a leading Mandatory Provident Funds (MPF) provider’s legacy online platform while retaining its complex business logic. The client witnessed a notable 70% increase in productivity and a substantial 30% improvement in the asset transfer process.


The client, in Asia offering MPF products and asset services for investment funds and pensions, operated an outdated user interface. Their asset transfer process was time-consuming and lacked user-friendliness, causing operational inefficiencies.


The primary aim was to revamp the user interface without altering the intricate background processes, thus enabling a seamless asset transferal process. The objective was to modernize the interface while avoiding heavy investments in altering the backend business logic.


EA Technologies meticulously addressed the client’s challenges by proposing a robust solution that decoupled business logic from the user interface. The key components of the solution included:

Business Logic Separation: EA Technologies leveraged API-based microservices to segregate the backend business logic, ensuring it remained intact while implementing changes to the user interface.

User-Friendly Interface Design: EA Technologies designed a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, simplifying interactions for users to input required information effortlessly.

EA Tech Services:

The services provided by EA Technologies included Software Architecture Planning, Enterprise Architecture Design, Proof of Concept, UX/UI Design, Application Development, Testing, Security and penetration Testing, UAT Support, and Application Maintenance and support.


The adoption of the new platform led to numerous benefits:

Efficient Online System: An end-to-end online system facilitated employers in calculating contributions, submitting remittance statements, and supporting Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) payments securely and efficiently.

Tailor-Made Software for Employers: Customized software enabled employers to manage employee records, calculate payroll, generate autopay files, prepare remittance statements, pay records, and employee tax returns effortlessly.

MPF Calculator: A user-friendly tool empowered employers to calculate contributions and generate remittance statements and pay records conveniently.

Contribution Convenience: Employers had the option to conveniently and flexibly make contributions through PPS.


The transformation yielded impressive results:Marked increase in consumers using the self-service platform for consolidating MPF accounts.

Over 70% of users completed the entire asset transferal process independently, marking a nearly 30% increase from previous years.

A campaign encouraging employer participation saw over 70% of selected employers using the online platform for contribution submissions and payments, earning the title “Smart Employer” from the client.


EA Technologies’ solution effectively modernized the client’s online platform, enhancing user experience without disrupting complex business logic. The resulting efficiency improvements and user empowerment underscore the success of this modernization endeavor.