We collaborate with insurance companies to create innovative solutions, leveraging new technologies to revolutionize the customer and agent experience.

Insurance customers seek hyper-personalized, digital experiences to align with their evolving preferences. Insurers must continuously innovate for improved forecasting, affordable rates, and enticing experiences that attract and retain customers.

Agency Management Tool

Recruitment Management Too offers a comprehensive hiring workflow tailored to the insurance industry’s needs. It fulfills HR requirements quickly, easily, and without paperwork or data entry. Digital contract issuance and signing are available, and RMT is deployed in multiple countries.

Chat Bot Solution

We create a Chat Bot Solution offering 24/7 support to claimants, facilitating easy access to existing claim status, filing new claims, and requesting leave. The chatbot also provides valuable company information and contact details for the support team.

Modernization to Digital Platforms

EA Technologies seamlessly migrated the legacy online MPF investment system to a new user interface, retaining the backend logic. By creating Personas, defining user journeys, and designing a modern UX/UI, we aimed to provide customers with easy investment management across all platforms and devices.

Claim Management System

CMS is an intuitive online tool accessible on various devices, enabling claimants and policyholders to track the progress of their claims (worker’s compensation, disability, leave, property, and auto liability), communicate with claims adjusters, and receive direct payments to their bank accounts.

Content Management System

We migrated Fortune 500’s multi-site ECMS from Drupal 8 to 9, improving efficiency with automated scripts. The solution maintained uniform structure, layout builder, editorial controls, and reusable components for all sites.

Mobile App Development

Developed a hybrid mobile app for Android and iOS platforms, offering a specialized recruitment management tool for the insurance sector. The App track and manage every new hire throughout every step of recruitment, Streamline hiring with an efficient, paperless workflow. The tool is being used across various countries.

Campaign System

We developed a campaign solution for the insurance company, offering corporate discounts. A customized journey displayed discounts/cashback based on campaign configurations. Our solution seamlessly integrated with the back-end core system and accommodated corporate group companies.

Sales Management Tool

Sales Management Tool offers AI data analytics for insightful sales team management and forecasting. Visualize your team’s sales forecasts through intuitive dashboards. We specialize in data analytics for hiring funnels and HR processing.

Accessibility Testing for WCAG 2.1AAA compliance

EA Tech conducted comprehensive accessibility testing for a prominent multinational bank’s online insurance portal, ensuring compliance with WCAG 2.1AAA standards. Testing covered various platforms and browsers, culminating in detailed technical recommendations to address identified issues.


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Revolutionizing Insurance Operations: Development of an Innovative Agency Recruitment Tool


This case study illustrates how EA Technologies collaborated with a global insurance giant to design and implement an advanced Agency Recruitment Tool. The tool aimed to overhaul recruitment operations, streamline agency interactions, and augment overall operational efficiency within the insurance organization.


The client, a prominent global insurance and asset management provider operating in over 40 countries, grappled with inefficiencies in managing its extensive network of agencies. Manual processes and disparate systems hindered productivity and responsiveness, creating operational bottlenecks.


Legacy Systems and Manual Processes: Outdated systems and manual workflows stifled agility and efficiency.

Disparate Agency Management: The lack of a centralized platform impeded effective communication and collaboration among agencies.

Data Inconsistencies: Disjointed data repositories led to silos and inconsistencies, impacting decision-making and analytics.

Lack of Automation: Absence of automated processes resulted in delays and repetitive tasks, affecting service delivery.

Scalability and Integration: The need for scalability and seamless integration with existing systems posed a significant challenge.


The client aimed to mitigate these challenges through the development of an Agency Recruitment Tool with the following objectives:

Process Automation: Implement automated workflows for efficient agency recruitment and reporting.

Enhanced Communication: Facilitate seamless interaction and collaboration among agencies and with the organization.

Data Consistency and Analytics: Ensure data integrity for informed decision-making and accurate reporting.

Scalability and Integration: Develop a scalable tool seamlessly integrating with existing systems for future growth.


EA Technologies designed a robust Recruitment Management Tool, employing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices:

Architecture Design: Developed a scalable architecture for the platform.

Development: Utilized technologies like PHP, Laravel, MS SQL Serve, and Xamarin for responsive web and mobile applications.

Automated Workflows: Implemented automated workflows streamlining the agency recruitment process.

Centralized Dashboard: Created a comprehensive dashboard for agency management and performance analytics.

Integration and Migration: Ensured seamless integration with legacy systems.

EA Technologies Services:

EA Technologies provided a spectrum of services, including Software Architecture Planning, UX/UI Design, Application Development, Testing, Security and Penetration Testing, UAT Support, and Application Maintenance and Support.


Enhanced Efficiency: Automated processes reduced manual efforts, accelerating recruitment operations.

Improved Collaboration: Centralized platform enhanced communication and collaboration among agencies and the organization.

Data Consistency and Better Reporting: A unified data repository ensured consistency, elevating reporting accuracy and decision-making.

Scalability and Integration: Scalable architecture facilitated seamless integration, accommodating business growth.

Streamlined Operations: Optimized workflows improved productivity and customer service.


EA Technologies’ development of the Recruitment Management Tool transformed the insurance company’s operations, aligning processes, fostering collaboration, and laying the groundwork for future scalability and innovation.