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Accessibility Testing

In the modern world, applications have become an integral part of everyday life, serving as tools for a wide range of tasks. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that a substantial portion of the global population, comprising over a billion individuals with diverse disabilities (including visual and hearing impairments, cognitive challenges, and motor limitations), still encounters barriers when trying to access these applications. To promote equal access for everyone, including those with disabilities and special needs, businesses must embrace the concept of accessibility testing.
At EA Technologies, we are motivated by a vision of a fair and inclusive world. We offer a comprehensive suite of accessibility testing services to turn this vision into reality. Through our services, we ensure that applications adhere to established accessibility practices.
Our Accessibility testing services covers :
Manual Web Accessibility Testing

We assess software compliance with W3C standards. Our team conducts manual testing across various scenarios to align with WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 success criteria.

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Document Accessibility

Ensuring that your documents are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities, is crucial for compliance, inclusivity, and user satisfaction. Our Document Accessibility Services are designed to assess, remediate, and enhance the accessibility of your digital documents. 

Automated Web Accessibility Testing

Leveraging leading automation testing tools for efficient automated accessibility testing. Providing detailed custom reports to enable informed decision-making.

VPAT Creation

At EA Technologies, we ensure organizations create and maintain accessible digital products, complying with standards like WCAG, ADA, and Section 508. By conducting thorough assessments and VPAT documentation, we uphold your commitment to inclusivity.

Mobile Accessibility Testing

Evaluating mobile applications for conformance to globally accepted accessibility standards using industry-leading accessibility testing tools to ensure comprehensive mobile testing.

How We Do the Accessibility Testing

Process :
  • We begin by engaging with the client to thoroughly understand their accessibility requirements.

  • Testers evaluate the project scope, determining the number of screens to be tested and specifying the browsers and platforms for testing.

  • After identifying the screens for testing, our testers define specific accessibility testing tasks for websites, native apps, or mobile apps.

  • Our dedicated teams perform accessibility testing to ensure the application aligns with agreed standards such as WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 WCAG 2.2 and, Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Disabilities covers:
  • Visual Impairment

  • Color Blindness

  • Partial Deafness

  • Partial Blindness

  • Deafness

  • Mobility Impairment

In Accessibility Testing, we evaluate the following features:
  • Navigation

  • Color Contrast

  • Image Size and Color

  • Multimedia

  • Content Readability

  • Page Zoom Feature

  • Focus Areas

Accessibility Testing Standards :
  • WCAG 2.0 Level A to Level AAA

  • WCAG 2.2 Level 1 to Level AAA

  • WCAG 2.1 Level 1 to Level AAA

  • Focus Areas


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A Case Study on Accessibility Testing for an Insurance Portal


This case study outlines the comprehensive accessibility testing conducted by EA Technologies Testing Solutions for an insurance portal, ensuring an inclusive user experience for individuals with diverse abilities

Customer Overview:

The customer is a prominent banking and financial services organization in the Asia-Pacific region. Their cloud-based insurance portal offers a diverse range of insurance products catering to various customer needs across different life stages, ensuring a hassle-free future for customers and their families. It aimed to provide an accessible and user-friendly online portal for all users, including those with disabilities. Their goal was to offer equal access to insurance services, policies, and information for everyone.


The client recognized the importance of accessibility but lacked an internal accessibility testing team to conduct accessibility testing to ensure their online portal catered to users with disabilities. They engaged EA Technologies to conduct a thorough accessibility assessment and testing for their portal.


The primary objectives were to:

  • Identify and rectify any accessibility barriers within the insurance portal.
  • Ensure compliance with accessibility standards and regulations (e.g., WCAG – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
  • Enhance usability and navigation for users with disabilities, including those with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments.
  • Create a seamless and inclusive online experience for all users.



EA technologies devised a meticulous plan to address the accessibility challenges:

Accessibility Audit and Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive audit of the insurance portal, analyzing its structure, design, and functionalities.

WCAG Compliance Review: Assessed the portal against WCAG guidelines (WCAG 2.1/2.0) to ensure conformity with accessibility standards.

User Testing: Engaged individuals with diverse disabilities to navigate the portal, identifying barriers and challenges they faced during their interactions.

Assistive Technology Testing: Utilized various assistive technologies (e.g., screen readers, voice recognition software) to evaluate compatibility and functionality.

Manual and Automated Testing: Performed manual testing to identify human-centric issues and automated testing using tools (e.g., Axe, WAVE) for quicker detection of accessibility issues.

Report and Recommendations: Compiled a detailed report highlighting identified issues and provided actionable recommendations for improvements.


Accessibility Compliance: The insurance portal achieved WCAG compliance, meeting the required accessibility standards.

Barrier Identification: Identified and addressed accessibility barriers, enhancing the user experience for individuals with disabilities.

Improved Usability: Implementation of recommendations led to improved navigation, readability, and interaction for all users.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Users with disabilities reported improved access to insurance services, policies, and information, fostering inclusivity.


EA Technologies Solutions’ meticulous accessibility testing and recommendations resulted in an insurance portal that met WCAG guidelines and provided an inclusive user experience for individuals with disabilities. The comprehensive approach ensured equal access to insurance services, reinforcing the client’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Technologies and Tools Used:

  • WCAG guidelines (2.1/2.0)
  • Screen readers, voice recognition software (assistive technologies)
  • Accessibility testing tools: Jaws, NVDA, Voice Over, TalkBack, Axe, WAVE, etc.
Tools & Technologies

Our expertise lies in providing Accessibility testing services.

Talk Back
Talk Back
Color Contrast Analyzer
Color Contrast Analyzer

Why Choose EA Technologies

The ideal combination of resources, tools, and proficiency.In the realm of automated software testing, our versatile team operates in swift iterations, enhancing the entire testing procedure.
Accessibility Compliance
We ensure that all critical applications are accessible to everyone, aligning with the latest accessibility standards, including W3C’s WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, and WCAG 2.2, as well as the Section 508 Act.
Tool Proficiency
We have extensive experience with industry-leading open-source and commercial accessibility testing tools, including WAVE, aXe, Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT), and Accessibility Insight, among others.
24/7 Customer Support
Our commitment to clients includes round-the-clock, seamless customer support, ensuring assistance is available whenever it’s needed. Choosing EA Technologies for accessibility testing ensures that your applications meet accessibility standards, offering inclusivity and usability for all users
Comprehensive Reporting
We provide stakeholders with detailed reports on accessibility compliance levels, facilitating informed decision-making.
In-House Expertise
Our in-house team includes highly skilled experts, including individuals with disabilities, who conduct thorough accessibility testing. This diverse and experienced team enhances the depth and effectiveness of our testing.
Mobile Accessibility Expertise
Our teams have hands-on expertise in using leading mobile accessibility testing tools, including TalkBack, VoiceOver, and more, to ensure mobile applications meet accessibility standards.
Screen Reader Competence
Our professionals are proficient in working with major screen readers used for accessibility testing, such as Job Access with Speech, NonVisual Desktop Access, Windows Narrator, TalkBack, VoiceOver, and ChromeVox. This ensures comprehensive testing for users who rely on screen readers.

Choose us as your compatibility testing partner for a seamless user experience across all platforms and devices.

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We are delivering websites / portals across the globe with excellent customer service ( IT Plus Services). Our digital development team values each pixel of your website, our QA team ensures the quality while testing rigorously for responsiveness and functionalities.

Our experience is with cross – section of industries and we enjoy delivering the best. We are flexible to adapt to your business needs and can deliver based on following project execution modals.

Fixed Cost Projects
Fixed Cost Projects
This is best suited when you have wireframes / blue print or screen designs ready. We are happy to share fixed cost along with timelines to deliver. Though it would be fixed cost project but we follow AGILE methodology and keep sharing ``Work in Progress`` with our customers on regular basis. We own complete responsibility to deliver as per given specifications.
Time and Material
Time and Material
This works best when we are working on a portal with teams spread across multiple geographies and request of work is based on ticket items and project being managed by our customers. For this we do staff augmentation and own offshore project management for our resources and ensure what we commit, we deliver on regular basis. Our governance modal ensures customer satisfaction.
On Demand Services
On Demand Services
Many sites need continuous support and maintenance and instead of having pricey AMC, we provide services based on actual tickets time spent. this ensures price optimization. Our SLAs helps reliability and customer satisfaction. if certain task needs time estimates then we provide that too and seek approval before the start.

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