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Product Modernisation

Product Modernization

MPF Online Pension Services Centre – Migration Project

  • Introduction: This case study highlights how EA Technologies spearheaded the overhaul of a prominent Mandatory Provident Funds (MPF) platform for an insurance company in Asia, modernizing its legacy system while preserving complex backend processes.
  • Background: The Fortune 500 client in Asia, specializing in MPF products and investment asset services, operated an outdated user interface. Their customer-facing portal lacked user-friendliness, impeding users from effectively managing or switching funds and updating personal information. This led to significant operational inefficiencies and user dissatisfaction.
  • Objective: The client aimed to significantly enhance the user experience for customers managing their investment-linked funds. They sought to develop an entirely new user interface while preserving the existing backend logic.
  • EA Tech’s Solution: EA Technologies initiated the project by creating Personas, defining user journeys, and designing a modern, user-friendly UX/UI. The primary goal was to facilitate customers in managing their investments seamlessly across various platforms and devices. The solution was built as a responsive web application, ensuring usability across different user demographics, including older generations.
  • Technologies & Framework: The platform was developed using Dot net core, MS SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and Bootstrap to ensure a robust and responsive user interface.
  • Benefits: The adoption of the new platform resulted in several notable benefits for users:
  • Personal Information Update: Users could easily update their personal information hassle-free.
  • Investment Management: Customers gained the ability to switch existing investment-linked funds effortlessly and monitor their investment portfolios closely.
  • Premium Allocation: Users could modify their future investment-linked premium allocation and add new funds at their convenience.
  • Payment and Claims: Simplified processes enabled users to pay premiums and levies for other policies with the Dividend or Coupon Funds of their existing policies with just a few clicks. Making claims became more accessible, and users could stay informed about claim statuses.
  • Enhanced Transparency: The platform provided a comprehensive and transparent view of coverage and assets, accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Conclusion: EA Technologies’ transformation of the MPF online pension services center resulted in a user-centric and responsive platform, significantly improving user experience and engagement. The modernized interface enabled seamless management of investment-linked funds and offered enhanced functionalities, ultimately empowering users and driving operational efficiency.