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Product Development

Product Development

Transforming Channel Enablement: Modern UI Development using Microsoft Technology Stack on Cloud


This case study delves into how EA Technologies spearheaded the modernization of a legacy Channel Enablement platform, transitioning it to a cost-effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, leveraging the latest Microsoft technology stack.


The client specializes in a unique channel program automation platform, addressing critical challenges across various levels of the channel. Their platform aimed to eliminate operational hindrances, enabling vendors to maximize revenues during channel sales scaling.


The client aimed to revolutionize the user experience within its channel program through the following objectives:

Enhanced User Experience (UX): To offer a more engaging, intuitive, and navigable interface.

Competitive Edge: To align with modern UI/UX trends, attract more users, and gain a competitive advantage.

Increased Efficiency: Streamlining processes to boost system performance and productivity.

Adaptability to Trends: Ensuring adaptability to evolving market demands and user preferences.

User Retention: Contributing to user satisfaction and retention by offering an easy-to-use and visually appealing platform.

Scalability: Enabling the system to handle increased user loads and business expansion without performance compromises.

Security Enhancements: Integrating improved security features for safeguarding user data and countering cyber threats.

EA Tech’s Solution:

EA Technologies embarked on the project by constructing a Proof of Concept (POC) utilizing Microsoft Blazor technology stack on the Azure cloud. The POC aimed to validate the design for the new cloud-based platform. Upon successful confirmation of the POC, EA Technologies adopted Agile Methodology to build the platform in phased modules.

Technologies & Framework:

The platform was developed utilizing the following technologies for a robust and responsive user interface:

  • Dot net core
  • MS SQL Server
  • Blazor
  • Azure
  • HTML, JavaScript, jQuery
  • CSS and Bootstrap


The adoption of the new platform yielded several significant benefits:

Enhanced User Experience: Users experienced a more intuitive and seamless interface, boosting engagement.

Efficiency Improvements: Streamlined processes resulted in increased operational efficiency and system performance.

Scalability and Adaptability: The platform demonstrated scalability to accommodate business growth and adaptability to evolving market trends.

Enhanced Security: Improved security features provided enhanced data protection and resilience against cyber threats.

Competitive Advantage: The modern UI/UX ensured a competitive edge, attracting more users to the platform.


EA Technologies’ deployment of the modern UI using the latest Microsoft technology stack on the cloud enabled the client to achieve a transformation in user experience, system efficiency, scalability, and security, providing a competitive edge in the market.