Leverage High-Tech AI based Healthcare Solutions to Accelerate Operations & Enhance Patient Service

We can build innovative products using medical technology that detect patient movement & body functions using connected devices which allows remote monitoring of pateints condition.
Elderly Monitoring using AI/ML

Our AI/ML-based monitoring solution identifies biometric meter figures (BP, pulse, and sugar level) using OCR and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and streams the ToF image/video for the ward to the cloud platform for dashboard presentation. Key features are :

  • AI-based Posture Detection and bed fall
  • Trigger bed fall detection
  • Generate alerts on nursing aide mobile phone
Content Management System

Build CMS for a leading cancer care and treatment center that specialize in diagnoses, robotic surgery and therapies in Texas on Drupal 9.

Tools & Technologies

We will help you to optimize the running costs of your IT department

Provide Better Experience By Our IT Solutions!

We are delivering websites / portals across the globe with excellent customer service ( IT Plus Services). Our digital development team values each pixel of your website, our QA team ensures the quality while testing rigorously for responsiveness and functionalities.

Our experience is with cross – section of industries and we enjoy delivering the best. We are flexible to adapt to your business needs and can deliver based on following project execution modals.

Fixed Cost Projects
Fixed Cost Projects
This is best suited when you have wireframes / blue print or screen designs ready. We are happy to share fixed cost along with timelines to deliver. Though it would be fixed cost project but we follow AGILE methodology and keep sharing ``Work in Progress`` with our customers on regular basis. We own complete responsibility to deliver as per given specifications.
Time and Material
Time and Material
This works best when we are working on a portal with teams spread across multiple geographies and request of work is based on ticket items and project being managed by our customers. For this we do staff augmentation and own offshore project management for our resources and ensure what we commit, we deliver on regular basis. Our governance modal ensures customer satisfaction.
On Demand Services
On Demand Services
Many sites need continuous support and maintenance and instead of having pricey AMC, we provide services based on actual tickets time spent. this ensures price optimization. Our SLAs helps reliability and customer satisfaction. if certain task needs time estimates then we provide that too and seek approval before the start.

Partner with EA Technologies

At EA Technologies, we understand that technology can be a daunting and confusing process. We've been there. That's why we've partnered with some of the best tech companies in the world to bring you the most innovative and cutting-edge digital solutions available on the market. As our partners, you can be sure that your website will be optimized for all devices, from mobile to desktop, so that it works seamlessly across all platforms.
Full-cycle backend development services.
Easy configuration and Deployment.
Maintenance and support service.
Rigorous quality assurance testing.
EA Technologies,Technical proficiency.
Deliverables at competitive pricing.
Guaranteed confidentiality with NDA.
Customer-oriented approach.
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